Stability Of Dust Mite Extracts

Click the link below to read an interesting research paper entitled, “The Effects of Storage Conditions on the Stability of House Dust Mite Extracts.” Overall allergenicity was determined by inhibition ELISA for samples stored at room temperature, 4°C, or 20°C, and, “dissolved in one of four solutions including distilled water (DW), 50% glycerol, 0.03% HSA, or 0.03% HSA in 50% glycerol.” The study found that for house dust mite extracts, depending on storage temperature and solution, the allergenicity can decreased by up to 67%.

According to the researchers: “Storage temperature is the most important factor in preserving allergenicity of HDM extracts, which is ideal at 4°C. The addition of 50% glycerol to the storage buffer was also found to play an important role in increasing the shelf life of HDM extracts at RT.”


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