ComforTen® Skin Test Applicator

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Multiple skin test device for puncture skin testing. Sold 81 applicators per pack. Sterile. Each device performs 10 tests. Use ones and discard.

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ComforTen® is a single-use disposable skin test applicators, sold 81 applicators per pack. this 10-test skin test device designed to apply allergenic extract using the puncture test technique, also referred to prick, puncture or percutaneous testing. The device features surgical steel lancet tips designed for minimal skin trauma. The device is used with the Dipwell Reservoir and the 30-hole sterilized tray. A Skin Reaction Guide helps to accurately measure responses.

ComforTen® is designed for use by allergy practitioners who are trained in the application and interpretation of the puncture technique and who are trained in the treatment of adverse allergic reactions should they occur.