Edge Pharmaceuticals Acquisition

Edge Pharma, LLC, a leader in providing allergy immunotherapy solutions, is excited to announce the acquisition of Florida-based Edge Pharmaceuticals, LLC. The two organizations have maintained a symbiotic relationship for the last 7 years in the effort of bringing innovative products and services to the allergy field. This acquisition brings the vast knowledge and expertise harbored at Edge Pharmaceuticals to the comprehensive immunotherapy platform that now lives under the Edge Pharmacy Holdings, LP umbrella.

For over 35 years Edge Pharmaceuticals has been bringing innovative products and services to allergy immunotherapy treatment including distribution of bulk allergenic extracts and diluents, sterile vials, metered dose dropper bottles, skin testing devices, and all manner of other critical components necessary for building a compliant immunotherapy program.

As Founder and President of Edge Pharmaceuticals, Rick Aloi has been a vital resource within the allergy community for decades. His efforts across a multitude of initiatives has propelled the industry forward and enhanced providers’ ability to offer a high-level of care for patients. It is this commitment to continued evolution of the industry that will propel Edge Pharma’s complete immunotherapy platform into the clear leader in the space.

Edge Pharma’s recent acquisition of Xtract Solutions, which offers an allergen immunotherapy software package, combined with the new acquisition of Edge Pharmaceuticals, completes the vision of being able to provide the most comprehensive line of products and services within the allergy immunotherapy field. This new platform will include training and support services for providers which are new to allergy treatment and would like to build an immunotherapy program. Edge Pharma now takes the lead with a variety of services covering all aspects of immunotherapy including bulk extract distribution, diagnostic extract vial distribution, skin testing supplies, skin testing management, serum generation assistance, mixing supplies, mixing compliance assistance, outsourced compounding services for SCIT, injection dose scheduling assistance, and much more.