About Us


Edge Pharmaceuticals, LLC is based in Coral Springs, Florida. We are a distributor of a variety of critical products needed to build a compliant immunotherapy program, including testing supplies, extracts for diagnosis, compounding supplies, and a streamlined software program which tracks patients as they progress through allergy immunotherapy. Our customers are hospitals, health systems, Integrated Delivery Networks, surgery centers, and physician offices.

USP 797 Compliance

New USP 797 standards make in-office compounding more complicated and time consuming. We help ensure regulatory compliance and patient safety.


Edge Pharmaceuticals is licensed in Florida and able to ship products nationwide.


Edge Pharmaceuticals has a strong focus on the allergy immunotherapy space. With decades of experience, we understand the challenges of managing an allergy practice. Edge supplies a full line of allergenic extracts, compliant vial labels, skin testing & injection supplies.

Edge Pharmaceuticals understands that our responsibility extends beyond our products. We provide our customers with the best service in the industry.


We maintain strong relationships with manufacturers, which translates into reliable supply and great pricing for our customers. For manufacturers, if you believe your products would be a good fit within our catalog, contact us to discuss how to become part of the Edge Pharmaceuticals network.


Edge operates out of a newly built-out climate controlled facility. This expands our capacity to provide both manufactured and proprietary medical products to a wide variety of customers, from individual clinics to the largest health care systems.


Edge operates securely in full compliance with all regulatory requirements. The Edge quality team ensures that every order is filled and delivered quickly and accurately. Customers are given access to traceability documentation for client confidence and full accountability.

Orders are delivered to your office promptly, and all of our products are supported by friendly and responsive customer service. When you call Edge Pharmaceuticals you will reach a knowledgeable professional who can help with any concerns or questions.

Orders for most supplies offered by Edge Pharmaceuticals ship directly from our warehouse. Orders for pharmaceuticals are fulfilled by third-parties.

For more information pleaseĀ call us at 802-497-0161 (8:30am – 5 pm EST) or send us a message using our Form online.

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